As we’ve written many times before on this independent fan-powered website, we tend to yawn when the alleged annual rumour arrives about a potential takeover of Newcastle United by the latest wealthy owners.

The timing of such rumours always seems to coincide with the opening of a transfer window. fancy that! Like Wimbledon or The Open you can almost stick a reminder in your new diary each Christmas!

A cynic might suggest that the rumours are a ploy, a device to distract attention from the usual lack of permanent transfer activity and significant investment in taking Newcastle United forward as a serious player in the English Premier League.

We would never countenance such a suggestion.

As for the club being sold? We’ll believe it when we see it!

However, there’s no getting away from the fact that, once again, the hopes and aspirations of the greatest fans in the country appear to be being raised then dashed.

As Lee Charnley has been quoted as saying – “there’s nothing in it”.

The fervent hope of many fans that finally the nightmare of the last 13 long years might be coming to an end are being “spaffed up the wall” as a certain dim Prime Minister might put it.

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So having once again seen those dreams disappear faster that tory election promises, how will Toon fans react this time?

Will we continue to forgive, forget, stay calm and carry on supporting the current ownership and rush to buy season tickets and match tickets next season?

Will we just carry on like feudal peasants loving our lords and masters whilst waiting for the next takeover story/transfer window to be dangled before us so we can have the same annual speculation before, once again, the story fizzles out and our hopes and aspirations once more ride off into the sunset?

So how much longer are our exceedingly patient fans going to put up with this nonsense and continue to be willing participants?

We know that over the years quite a number of long-term, long-suffering fans have given up their season tickets and walked away at various points during the current owner’s tenure.

The current situation is brought into particular perspective for those fans who lived through the days when the Sir John Hall demonstrated what proper, serious investment looked like and where it could take this sleeping giant.

We also know that due to the successful boycotts called by various fans’ groups in recent years, the current owner found it necessary to give away 10,000 free season tickets this season. What impact will that have on next season?

Will fans spend hard-earned money on season tickets when they know that 10,000 freeloaders might be granted seats for nowt as Christmas presents?

Will sufficient numbers of Newcastle United fans finally say “enough is enough”?

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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