Have to say, I’ve sat down to write this the night after that match at Everton and I’m still having trouble believing what I saw happen!

In the many years I’ve been following United, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Lets face it, Everton pretty much dominated that game, scored a goal in each half, and could have had a few more but either fluffed the chances or came up against Dubravka.

In contrast, United had very few chances and didn’t look likely to score all night. Well, until the last couple of minutes of injury time, that is!

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Like, I suspect, many other Newcastle United fans I was well into moaning about how things were (weren’t!) going for us last night as I listened on Radio Newcastle. I was stamping me little feet, shouting abuse at the radio about Bruce, the team selection, the tactics (what tactics??) and by the time injury time came I was in full flow, writing stuff on twitter, on our forum etc and was seriously considering writing to my MP and anybody else who would listen about the shambles of a club that allegedly represents our great city.

Then the mood changed.

Somehow, with only a minute or two to go, Lejeune put the ball into the net. I won’t go into detail, as we’ve all seen the videos by now – no doubt like me you’ve been playing them back countless times today. Even at that point, with only a minute or so to go, even the commentators were muttering about a “consolation goal”.

And we all know what happened next – another Lejeune goal which the Everton goalkeeper (more about him later) saved but was unfortunately about a foot behind his goal line when he did.

2-2 and cue United’s players rushing over to our travelling fans to celebrate as those very fans raised the roof. Meanwhile, I heard our ex-player John Anderson, who was co-commenting on Radio Newcastle chip in with the immortal phrase “dodgy keeper” – hilarious, well said John lad!

Did we deserve a draw? Not really.

Do we care? Nope!

As for the mackem ex-mackem player Pickford in the Everton goal, it was payback time.

Having been at fault for both goals, he was treated mercilessly on social media to a torrent of comments, images etc taking the mickey – paying him back for his childish histrionics last season at St James’ Park. The hashtag #shortarms being particularly bandied about.

I’ve decided not to write to my MP after all. But one thing is sure, more displays like the first 92 minutes last night and we’ll be pulled back into the relegation dogfight and well in trouble.

Sort it out Bruce.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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