Three defeats on the trot and the inquisitions, and blame-game debates have started to ramp up amongst disgruntled Newcastle United fans.

All of the usual grumbles never really went away – a potent mix of the faults of the owner, the manager and the playing staff, to name but three key areas!

Most of us have never been particularly content with the owner, who is seen by many as using the club as an advertising clothes horse for his sports clothing business, rather than having any interest in investing to improve the team so that we can compete properly in the Premier League.

It is also clear that many fans were underwhelmed at the appointment of Steve Bruce as manager, an appointment which was not made any smoother given that he followed in the footsteps of a proven world-class manager who had a clear Keegan-esque project plan in mind for “make Newcastle United Great Again” but was thwarted by being handed relative peanuts to spend in the transfer market.

And debates will always rage about the quality of the current playing squad and the individual players lucky enough to don the famous black and white shirt.

At the end of last year, crowds were definitely falling away at St James’ Park through boycotts allied to a general sense of disillusion amongst the faithful. And as we all know, the manager managed to persuade the owner to give away 10,000 free “half season” tickets.
These tickets kicked in for the Everton game and will continue until the end of the season.

We’ve discussed the pros and cons of this action in an earlier article.

The result has indeed been higher attendances for both the Everton and Leicester games – and we lost them both.

Lots of discussion about the reasons we lost those games – most of them valid. My question is – does a sell-out crowd add to the issues? Does it contribute to players being more nervous and not playing as well?

Does a full ground affect players’ performances and results?

This is a point I’ve seen made in the past by TV pundits and particularly applied to Newcastle United because of the atmosphere that a full St James’ Park is capable of generating and the pressure this can bring to bear on players.

I’d be very interested in hearing the views of fellow NUFC fans on this.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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