This article shares some of the reaction we have had on The UTD111 Forum to the latest dismal show against Leicester.

This is the edited version – with all the swear words taken out and it’s still not pretty folks, but hard to argue with the strong views expressed.

“Another brilliant performance. 11 strangers playing hoof ball, with an absolute idiot in defence who didn’t think 3 gifted goals against Manure was enough over the Christmas period, so thought he would hand out a couple more of his own.

Cut and paste from most games under Bruce, no pattern of play, no tactics, no possession, hoof ball to one of the worst strikers in the league, and to top it all off, you can now add in consistent defensive mistakes into the mix.

Pure, unadulterated rubbish being served up. Right now we are the worst side in the league, heading straight back into the relegation mix”

“Florian Lejeune 2 NUFC 0. What a f***ing shambles. After the Man U game I wondered if we were witnessing a trend (of awfulness); I think the last two games have confirmed that we are. Stevie Baby doesn’t have a clue what to do about it, much to the surprise of absolutely nobody, and the players seem to have given up. Can’t see us getting the points we need to stay up if we don’t get an influx of new players (which we wont); so, we’re F***ed”

“The scape goat will be Lejuene, who looks a shadow of the player he was before the injury. The reality though, whilst Lejuene clearly needs hauling out of that back 3, is that we have no pattern of play, it’s percentage football of the worst kind, the kind that makes you wish you had Sam Allardyce on the touchline instead. Defenders get the ball and either a) pass it to Shelvey 5 yards away from them who hoofs it or b) hoof it themselves.

I watch a lot of Premier League football and alongside Burnley, we are the worst footballing team in the league. I fail to understand what they are possibly doing in training as they turn up on match day like a p***ed up pub team who then proceed to launch the ball towards the drunk number 9, who is the world’s only 40 million pound player, who can’t control a football.

We are awful, truly awful to watch, only we now have to put up with the defensive mistakes of old to go alongside the non brand of football we play. Utter trash”

“72% possession to 28%. God awful football that is. Why play forwards if you play in such a way. Against a team like Leicester I cant see why you wouldnt go for it and play open as you arent going to beat them playing all bottled up. Oh well”

“Scary how bad we were

Bruce has got us going bAckwards at an alarming rate

Must be favourites for relegation?”

“Bruce will blame Lejuene for the first 2 goals and then he will blame Schar’s injury for the entrire second half, and what’s even worse, is that he will have all ex players, managers and pundits giving him all the sympathy he wants. Beyond that he will reel out the long list of injuries (which every club has) and combined, it will absolve him of all responsibility.

When we have lost this season, we have played sh*t, when we have drawn this season, we have played sh*t, and when we have won this season, we have more often than not played absolute sh*t. We currently have the worst possession rate in the league, the players don’t know how to play football and when the camera pans to the touchline, Bruce has absolutely no clue how to change any of it. The results masked the performances, the results also showed how the defence has to play at 100% every single game, without a single slip up, for us to stand even a remote chance of getting anything.

It’s as depressing now as any Newcastle side I have ever watched. We play worse football than any manager has been responsible for at this club, and I include all the usual past culprits in that mix. I have no hope for it changing, as regardless of our points tally and league position, the one constant this season has been the level of performance, which 90% of the time has been nothing short of unwatchable.

We are atrocious, absolutely atrocious”

“For all the good this season, it is borrowed time no matter which way you look at it. Until this team finds an identity and starts playing proper football we will tetter on the edge of oblivion”

“You have hit the nail on the head with identity. Whether all fans liked Rafa or not is irrelevent, we had an identity.

We aren’t even a long ball team, as a long ball team is good at playing long ball, good at getting the knockdowns and making the percentage game work in their favour. We hoof it up top and hope for the best, and without Carroll, we have no chance of the ball sticking. When we pass it, we maybe get to 2 or 3 passes before we give the ball away either through a poor follow up pass or a hoof ball to no one up front. What is the team actually trying to do on match day?!

It’s an easy thing to level at your team when you are losing, you get people asking if they are professional footballers etc… but genuinely, it’s frightening to think that these guys are mothered as so called professional footballers, with every detail of their lives taken care of, and yet they turn up on match day looking absolutely clueless, they don’t know what on earth to do when they get the ball. This comes from the manager and the coaching staff, who were never wanted here and have gone on to highlight exactly why no one wanted them here.

My only hope for 2020 is that Bruce leaves and takes Joelinton with him. This is of course factoring in the impossibility of getting rid of Ashley.

“Well, I hope all those FREELOADERS who attended SJP today really enjoyed themselves in the knowledge that they are part of the problem at SJP they came to Fattys rescue to watch dire games of football and dare I say it told you so they don’t even have the right to boo the team or Ashley because they took the gold without putting anything into it and helped Fatty with his adverts they must feel so proud of themselves.

We now have a team of misfits who would struggle against Whitley Bay never mind a premier league club we are so disjointed it is a joke but what next I have given up speculating as it only depresses me more 2020 relegation year? I just put a £10 on it”

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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