A great result for United yesterday which saw us shoot up the Premier League to the dizzy heights of 11th!

Over on the UTD111 Forum, we got some interesting reaction to this result from our regular contributors- here’s some of them below!

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“A good result – probably our first points this season against opposition who were playing about as well as they are able. I thought Joelinton’s hold-up play improved in the second half – he managed to win the ball and even get away from his immediate marker a couple of times – but when we press in attack he often seems to become very immobile, ASM and Almiron stream past him and he seems to stand and watch a lot of the time. He may not be able to keep up with those two, but surely he knows to get into the penalty area and pick up spilled balls, rebounds and the such like? If not, he’ll not score many goals”

“Have to say it’s great to see some positive comments on the mighty United for a change!
I’m sure, like me, you’ve looked at the EPL table more than once since the final whistle yesterday with a smile on your face and a sense of both relief and pride.
Good performance yesterday by so many of our players – I would pick ASM out in particular – not sure which of Sky’s so-called “big” clubs he’ll go to next season though!!!

“Might not be a universal opinion but that to me was a much better win than the one at Wet Spam. I thought West Ham were awful, defended a high line against a team playing on the counter and with pace. Today though, Bournemouth came to win, they hadn’t lost to a team outside of the top 5 and I thought once we got that initial 25-30 minute spell over with, we settled into the game and came away with a deserved 3 points.

You have to laugh though, I mean, ASM breaks through on goal, can’t score, Almiron follows up, doesn’t even have the keeper to beat, hits ASM! Haha, I actually burst out laughing, what on earth do they have to do to score?! On top of ASM’s one on one miss from earlier in the game, and our defenders scoring for fun, and you have to feel for them. I actually like both of them, yes they are useless in front of goal, but they work so hard and they do give defenders a torrid time. They get us into positions which we wouldn’t get with any other players that might come into the team to replace them, and for that, you can’t argue with their starting place. I am also going to say something even more surprising, but the tactics employed with Yedlin and Willems are spot on, both of them are getting up the pitch into great areas, and it looks to be a deliberate ploy to support the attack. Yes that’s right, Bruce has implemented a tactic and I happen to like it!

Joelinton was poor today, his hold up play wasn’t great, no conviction with his shots, looked too half hearted for a guy his size. Also switching off for the corner after the goal we conceded against West Ham last week was unforgivable. How many times are they going to have to concede before someone gets a grip and organises the team from a corner?! Other than that it was hard to pick fault. As much as I liked the look of the Longstaff brothers playing together against Manure, it became apparent very quickly that we couldn’t do without a Hayden in the team, and he was a beast again today. It’s risky business though as we only have one player of his type at the club, and we desperately need to keep him fit.

I was pleased with the 3 points against West Ham but felt like we were playing a powder puff team, not won in the previous 5 home games and with some key players downing tools, but I am really really chuffed with the Bournemouth win, against a very tricky side.

Good stuff all round.”

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