Newcastle United 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

Another inept tactical display where you didn’t know what the team was trying to do, other than get the ball to Allan Saint-Maximin and hope that he can somehow trick his way into the box and get a shot off.

I watched the game with my Dad, and I have read half time reports and listened to the manager, but we both thought that the first half was just a case of Wolves not turning up, rather than us doing anything special.

I thought we were average at best in the first 45 minutes. Bear in mind this is a Wolves team who were away from home in Europe on Thursday night, and had to come from behind. And yet the second half they had us pinned in at times and dominated the game.

And we were absolutely abysmal in the 2nd half.

We have a huge problem up front, and I don’t just mean Joelinton. Everything about the way we attack is just wrong. Joelinton is completely isolated and has been for most of the season. Who on earth looks at the way we play and thinks that Gayle or Carroll coming in would actually change anything?!

If we attacked with conviction and actually got into good scoring positions, and Joelinton wasn’t doing it, then the personal criticism of him would be fine. But what does anyone expect him to do playing with the setup we have at the minute?

I can confidently predict that absolutely nothing will change by just switching Joelinton out and putting someone else in. There has to be a change of approach throughout the team, but then to have a change of approach and be successful, you need a decent manager. And we don’t have one with a record of success as a Premier League coach.

It’s an easy thing to throw at a team who lost, but where is the coaching?! The players don’t look like they know what to do, there doesn’t appear to be a plan. I read some opinion this morning that the reason for this isn’t Bruce’s fault, it is Rafa’s fault for having an ultra defensive side for 3 seasons! Haha, you can’t make it up!

It seems that Bruce is like teflon man, nothing can touch him, and no matter how poor he is, there always appears to be an excuse ready for him.

We know this group of players is better than this, they have shown it over the last 2 years, without anywhere near the budget that Bruce got this summer. And we know why – a decent manager who on the training pitch, coached the players how to play in the system he wanted to use.

None of this is rocket science. Personally I just can’t wait to see the back of the current manager.

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