United went to the newest football stadium in that London and beat the media darling so-called “top six” Spurs team 1-0 with a classic Rafa Benitez setup, discipline, teamwork and effort.

Meanwhile, the new “head coach” was apparently watching cricket.

Tyneside celebrated this result, as only we can – and the sun is shining.

God is definitely a geordie.

Here’s what fans on the UTD111 Forum had to say about this result:

“Well well well…..

Clearly the rant a few of our players had with Bruce about the way he was setting the team up to play was listened to.

The majority of this squad played a certain system that worked for them under Rafa and when Bruce tried to change it to his style the players looked like fish out of water.

When Bruce listened to his players and reverted to a more solid hard to break down hard working unit we got 3 points from a game nobody gave us a hope in.

First of all well done the lads who confronted Bruce and told him their concerns.

Secondly well done to Bruce for actually listening to them.

Lastly if we continue with the attitude we had today then we will beat the drop …. Well done lads”

I didn’t see that coming in a month of Sunday’s. It was Rafa esque organisation and Rafa esque effort from the players. As it turned out, it was arguably the perfect fixture for that sort of performance as we could sit deep with a bank of 5 and a bank of 4, and watch Spurs continually try and go down the middle where there was no space at all. I was shocked at how inept they were and how they couldn’t adapt to the way we played. Having sai that, every single player deserved a fantastic amount of credit as that was the best way to play at a team like Spurs, where you don’t have the ball for 80% of the game, so whilst Spurs were poor, the way we setup definitely contributed towards that.

However, what happens when we need to go and attack teams? My problem so far this season has been what we do in possession of the ball, and although Joelinton did an infinitely better job of holding the ball up yesterday than he had done in the previous two games, we are still going to lose against teams where we have more of the ball and spend the game punting it down field, I guess we will see over the course of the next two games.

Had to laugh about Bruce watching the cricket for 30 minutes before the game, maybe in that 30 minutes the players decided to do their own team talk with the dressing room door locked!

I said it before but the set up of the players was in the same style as Benitez 5 at the back 4 midfield and a lone striker to try and catch them on the break and it worked with the pace of Almerion who also had a very good game Totts could not handle the speed in which the TOON switched play from defence to attack with defending being the main priority from kick-off.

Remember last season when the press ridiculed Rafa for having the same setup and they were calling it boring football they aren’t now but SB will have to take onboard why change something that has worked before because the difference is we now have some flighty players and with JL upfront you just never know hopefully that goal would have given him a lot more confidence to go out and score a few more.

All in all though quite happy with the performance of all the players they all put a shift in today.

What a day, fantastic cricket and 3 points for the Toon!
Totts weren’t at their best but we put in the effort and were rewarded.

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