I didn’t see the match today.

I didn’t look out for the comments and pearls of wisdom from our ex-mackem “Head Coach” after he and his team lost 3-1 to newly-promoted Norwich City.

Newly-promoted, y’know, a team that were in the Championship last season and should be trying to find their feet in “the big league” as the English Premier League is – at least in England anyway.

However, I understand from feedback and reports on social media that we didn’t play well.

Apparently, apart from Matt Ritchie, none of our team had a good game, in fact quite a few fans who saw the game reckon most of them looked disinterested, lethargic, confused etc

I am told that we only actually had 20-odd percent of the possession, that the Norwich goals weren’t really good goals, but Bruce’s team were kind enough to leave the necessary gaps in defence to help them score.

Presumably this is something they work hard on all week in training supervised by the managerial legend himself and his coaches?

I understand that Bruce had a flash of inspiration and left Sean Longstaff on the bench – away from home? Genius or rather foolish?

I’ve set “record” so that I can watch the highlights on Sky tomorrow morning after they get recorded at circa 1.30 in the morning when I’m fast asleep in zed-land.

Can’t wait.

But the icing on the cake has to be this.

It has filtered through to me that our “Head Coach” had this to say after the game:

“We always knew Norwich was going to be difficult. They play a certain way and romped away with the Championship so we were under no illusions that it was going to be difficult”

Did you see that?

Bruce thinks Norwich were going to be difficult? He hoped to “nick a win” (pre-match comment).

Can anybody imagine Rafa Benitez coming out with a statement like that?

Course not.

A lot of fans are already sick of Bruce’s constant mouthing off to the media, ominously in the style of McClaren and Pardew, and the same standard of rubbish we were served up in the past.

Fans can see the problems with the coaches and the team.

For the past three years we have been used to a slightly better standard. Actually a much higher, professional, organised, tactic-based standard, with every player committed to the cause and totally clear on their job and what was expected of them.

The comparison to what’s going on now leaves us shocked and numb.

Can it really have happened? Will we wake up and it was all a nightmare?

After only two games, it’s (already) clearly time for Bruce to shut up, stop talking and get his head down and sort this mess out. urgently.

We need to see graft not listen to gob.

The next match is Tottenham. If Bruce really believes Norwich were “difficult”, Spurs will absolutely blow his mind.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below (We use Disqus).

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