On 27th July we published an article entitled This Boycott Then, Is It On? Will It Work?”

In the article, we explored the issues around the boycott of the Arsenal game on 11th August which has been proposed by United fan groups who largely operate on social media.

We asked whether the bulk of toon fans would support it – and to be fair at the time THE MAG had identified there were circa 13,000 season tickets left unsold, so support for the boycott looked possible.

Since then, we have been looking, on a daily basis, at the official NUFC website and monitoring the number of unsold season tickets – and more recently the tickets still available for the Arsenal game itself.

We haven’t been adding them up each day, but it seems that Season ticket sales have indeed gone up and there is evidence of a steady decline in the number of empty seats available.

For the Arsenal game, there are not the massive gaps of unsold areas we might expect if a large boycott looked likely to happen.

Obviously, there is still a question of how many folks who hold tickets for the Arsenal game will still boycott – and we will only know the answer to that at 2pm on Sunday August 11th.

So why are tickets selling for the game apparently in the face of the call to boycott?

We reckon its a mixture of a number of factors:

1. It’s the first game of the season – and after a long summer without footy, folks want to get back to watching the Toon.

2. Many fans don’t frequent social media and some might not even have heard of the boycott

3. There’s been some nasty abuse and threats bouncing around on social media and folks don’t react well to bullying. Most of them were just basic abuse but we even saw one twitter tweet which basically said “if you go to the Arsenal game – here’s a website which offers advice on how to kill yourself”.

Seriously, a bit over the top? We think so.

4. It’s a geordie tradition and social occasion – wife goes shopping, husband and kids or mates or both have a few beers and go to the match.

5. There have been some new signings which look like they’re quality – and the new manager seems to want to put a greater emphasis on attacking, at pace, this season which is expected to be more exciting and entertaining.

6. The number of season tickets which became available was appealing to fans who wanted seats in areas where they couldn’t buy them before.

You can probably think of a few other factors that we haven’t listed here!

All things taken into account, it looks like support for the proposed boycott is likely to be at a level which equates to past actions – such as the walkouts, the “best balance sheet in the EPL” protest etc. Which would mean a crowd of circa 47,000 ish.

We will find out on 11th August, the level of support.

As we said in our previous article – it’s not worth falling out about this folks. Everybody should be free to make up their own minds according to their own circumstances.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below (We use Disqus).

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