What’s frightening right now is that it seems Charnley is sat in his office, working through a phone book of managers.

They clearly have absolutely NO clue on who they want or the style of football they want that manager to play. All they seem to want is to get someone in place and pray we come 17th next season.

I thought the recent suggestion of Ranieri was bad enough, but Steve Bruce? That appointment would be as bad as Joe Kinnear!

He would rank alongside the top 3 worst managers we have ever looked at.

Derby County knew that Lampard was heading to Chelsea, so they line up a title winner from another country who shares a similar philosophy to Lampard, someone who will come in and continue with the owner’s vision for the club. Even lower division teams have a better idea than the Newcastle heirarchy of where they want to be and the style of football they want to play in order to get there.

Not that we need any further evidence, but there is zero vision for this club. It has to be one of the most mis-managed clubs in English football.

An appointment like Steve Bruce would almost look like a retaliation against the fans, a middle finger to anyone who has sang abusive chants about Ashley. You could put a strong case together for deliberate foul play.

Once again we are the ONLY club in the Premier League not to sign anyone and the ONLY club in the Premier League without a manager, just as pre-season is under way.

In my opinion, any supporter who turns up to that Arsenal game and walks through that turnstile should hang their head in shame.

The position is clear. The current owner needs removing from the club, and the last remaining (and likely best) tactic we have is to starve him of money and support.

Make him a global embarassment by having an empty ground each week.

Make him the owner who was in charge during the lowest ever Premer League attendance.

Set records that show the disdain he deserves.

If we don’t do it this summer then we are signing this club’s death warrant and signalling the fact we are happy to drop down a division and disappear into mediocrity.

Steve Bruce?! It’s not that I can’t believe it, but how far can you scrape the barrel.

Not welcome, not wanted, not good enough.

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