It’s been a bit of a miserable summer as far as Newcastle United are concerned.

And of course that has had a knock-on affect on us – the long-suffering fans.

Rafa gone, Perez gone, Longstaff going (apparently) – and no doubt others will follow out of the door.

No investment of any significance, no new players and scrapping around trying to find a manager who is crazy and/or desperate enough to actually contemplate working at a club that has been slowly and deliberately run down and starved of progress for years.

As a sweetener, the usual annual rumour/myth/lie has been circulating that we are about to be taken over by mega-rich new owners dripping in money and Ashley will be gone forever.

They’ve even remembered to add on the extra bit about there being a number of potential new owners interested in buying the club.

We’ve heard it all before. It’s like watching a film you’ve already seen – you know what happens and how it ends, yet you still stick around and keep watching.

As one wit on Twitter said recently “maybe the Premier League should just relegate us now and save everybody the bother”.

Against this background, some pertinent questions spring to mind, and maybe even some impertinent ones. For example:

If the arabs are really taking over, why would Rafa, who wanted to stay and “run a project” just bog off to China?

If new owners are indeed coming, why would they let Ashley cash in on Perez, Longstaff and god knows who else before the summer transfer window closes?

If new owners are coming, why would they be happy with Ashley choosing and appointing a new manager? Surely they would want to make that decision themselves?

If new owners are coming, wouldn’t they want everything sewn up in time to generate season ticket sales and give them some time to spend their mega bucks on the equivalent of Messi, De Bruyne etc etc?

Much prominence has been given lately to quotes from some bloke who works in Dubai – who’s to say he’s not a mackem having a laugh?

We are told by “Dubai man” that the arab group are going to issue a statement “in the next few days”. OK, but what if it’s to let everyone know they “couldn’t get it over the line”? Or they have had second thoughts and are pulling out?

And why no information at all from those well known communicators – the Newcastle United PR team and management -who allegedly care about and value their fans?

Aye right.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below (We use Disqus).

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