Shake shake shake, shake shake shake,
Shake your booty! Shake your booty!
Oh, shake shake shake, shake shake shake,
Shake your booty! Shake your booty.

Yes, I agree – well dodgy lyrics from an old “Kool & The Gang” tune. Apologies to anyone too young to remember the song but basically, you missed nowt!

But those lyrics are no more senseless, no more repetitive than a lot of the stuff currently being written about this mystical takeover at Newcastle United.

Let’s face it – nobody knows what’s really going on.

Can I just say that again? Nobody knows what’s really going on!!

Sure there are quotes in the “media, blogs, etc apparently from this arab group of Sheik whatsisname.

There are claims and counter claims about who he is/isn’t related to, whether an offer has/hasn’t been made, whether proof of funds was made in April or not, whether a gold rolls royce was really seen outside Carlo’s chip shop in Alnwick etc etc

Newspaper journalists have to says stuff every day to sell their papers and maybe, just maybe, they rely on exploiting the hysteria of the more impressionable Newcastle United fans who hang on their every word? – I’ll just leave that there for you to think about.

The United “management” – whoever is really handling things these days – haven’t helped by basically repeating “no comment” when approached by various media hacks.

A few things to consider:

Mikey Boy gets about £150M per year from TV revenue and a canny dollop on top of that for crowd revenue, merchandise, free advertising (notional) etc. If you were trousering money like that every 12 months, would you sell your cash cow for £350M?

Past mooted bids have allegedly stumbled because Mikey wanted to retain control of merchandise and (free) advertising. If you were the potential buyer, would you be happy with that? Past bidders allegedly weren’t and walked away.

The latest “revelation” in the media is that sheik whatsisname has opened a company called “monochrome acquisitions”. This has led to some bright sparks claiming that the “takeover is on” because “monochrome” is black and white so there you are – it has to be about the Toon!

Aye right-oh……

Oh aye – and the Sports Direct signs in St James’ Park have been taken down in the last few days so he definitely, definitely must be selling up. Ignoring the fact the club “management” has said they’re being cleaned or replaced – well, at least that’s a step up from “no comment”!

And don’t get me started about the Rafa’s contract saga!

As I said – nobody knows what’s really going on!

Me? I’ve been here before. I’m relaxed and will just wait and see.

What will be will be.

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