Have We Had Enough?

A Newcastle United Fans Group yesterday attempted to stage the latest protest against Mike Ashley’s ownership.

The idea was that fans attending the game against West Ham should miss the first 11 minutes of the match and then take their seats late.

It’s difficult to see how this protest would ever be successful and as it turned out, it flopped miserably as only a few hundred fans, mainly in the Gallowgate End, took part.

Was this attempted protest ill-conceived? Was it a daft idea?

Well, it did seem a bit of a strange one!

Asking fans to turn up at the ground but not go in just goes against the psyche of your average fan.

Let’s face it – most fans go to the match because they want to be there. For many, it’s the highlight of their week. And this attempted protest relied on those fans standing around listening to crowd reaction hoping they didn’t miss any early goals!

In my humble opinion it was never going to work. The ideas coming from fan’s groups need to be better thought through and a bit brighter, to be honest.

I also think fans groups need to think more about their communications. It may come as a surprise but quite a few United fans do not live on social media!

It would be interesting to know how many fans actually knew about the protest – before we get to the assessment of how many would have supported or disagreed with it anyway even if they’d known about it.

The saddest thing about this whole non-event however was the sad sight of our great fans having a go at each other on social media on Saturday night.

The anger mixed with despair, indignation etc demonstrating clearly that the main thing the attempted protest seems to have achieved was more division as the insults and counter insults flew.

It’s often claimed around these parts that Newcastle United fans are the best in the country. Whether that’s true or not could be debated all day and depends on what each person’s definition of the word “best” would be.

One thing is clear though. United fans are different. Compared with other clubs like Liverpool or Rangers, it is harder to galvanise support for any protests which involve action within the ground.

My own take on this is that United fans just love our club that much more than others. The idea of doing anything which asks us to not go to the match and give the lads 100% just goes against our judgement. That’s probably why so many fans say “support the team, not the regime” and don’t support actions like the “11 minute walk in”.

It will be interesting to see how many support the forthcoming “don’t go” protest at the Wolves game.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below (We use Disqus).

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