Kenedy is overrated. Save for a couple of games and performances shortly after we acquired him on loan last season, I thought he gave the ball away far too much, is horrendously one footed and didn’t provide anything different to anyone else we had.

If we had given Murphy that game time, who was to say he couldn’t have improved to a similar perceived level?!

The way the media banged on about him you’d think we had signed Pele. Watching him week in and week out it’s easy to see why Chelsea can’t wait to find someone daft enough to pay their asking price. The fact he was available all summer to buy and we ended up getting him on loan again tells you all you need to know.

Atsu is poor, he is what he is. He didn’t even play that well in the Championship, and as tonight proved again, he is just a bang average winger with the odd (and by odd I mean rarer than rocking horse s**t) decent cross in his locker.

Ki looks lightweight, afraid to put in a challenge and lacking the sort of bottle and fight you need in a 2 man central midfield.

Early days for Muto but again, he isn’t a step up in quality over Perez so we are left with the same problem we have had for years; we simply don’t have a number 10 we can consistently rely on.

I could go on to others who look out of their depth, but the bottom line is that a squad which I thought looked improved on paper, has lost that fighting spirit and edge that we had from Christmas through to the end of the season.

We don’t have the luxury of being able to play at 80%, every player needs to leave it all out on the pitch, and tonight they didn’t do that.

Considering that we only had Schar, Muto and Ki at the World Cup, it’s extremely poor to see a team that looks so disorganised and lacking in energy.

Do we have Ashley to thank for this?! Is the club’s genuine lack of ambition starting to impact on the other players in the squad who might be questioning the point of it all?! The last 2 weeks have had protests, reports of players falling out with each other, players falling out with the manager, and looking at how the players are playing, you could argue a case for every single one of those being true.

Having watched many a Newcastle side down tools over the years, that’s one thing I never thought we would see under Rafa. One thing Rafa did was bring some pride back to wearing the shirt, but that seems to be slowly slipping away again.

I feel as flat and downbeat about the club as I have done in a long time.