I don’t have a problem with playing defensive at home, but you can’t play THAT defensive, with no counter attacking option, regardless of who is fit or who you have in your squad. That was poor, really really poor. The fans only really started singing around 80 minutes after the equaliser and you can see why, what on earth is there to get vocal about when you are sat watching that dross?! I haven’t had a season ticket for years so I can’t speak on behalf of those who do turn up, but I am glad I am not one of those who had to endure that in the stadium today, it was absolutely dire.

On the back of a really poor performance against Cardiff from Rafa down to the players, we needed to show something today, something more than we did. It was a game of attack vs defence where until we went 1-0 down never looked like scoring in a million years. Yes it wasn’t a penalty, but if you are going to sit 9 behind the ball and have your only outlet miles away from his midfield players, with the standard of refereeing in the Premier League, there is always a chance you will get a dodgy decision against you. I fear more for the City game as they have players who will take shots on from outside the box, and if we line up like that, we are going to be looking at another embarrassing performance and another nailed on defeat.

Long term it goes back to what has been said time and time again, until we empty the ground, quit spending money in and around the club, as well as boycotting any Ashley owned shops… and maybe suffer another relegation, we will not get rid of the fat feck who owns the club. Is Ashley entirely to blame for us having 10% possession in the second half? No. However games like this when you look at the two squads on offer, we are probably as far behind Chelsea as we ever have been, and we are still making a net profit from transfer windows. The match going fans have to ask themselves what they really want here. Under Rafa we are going to get the team setting up like that time and time again against the big teams, but ultimately would you sacrifice Rafa for someone who will open us up every game?! It’s an interesting question as I am sure there will be fans who would rather lose that sort of game having a real go, rather than go down with a whimper like we did.

Come the end of this season we are going to find out anyway. Rafa will not sign a new contract so we are going to be looking at a new manager coming in. Knowing that and knowing that there are 3 worse teams than us in the league, I’d like to see us have a go against the bigger teams regardless. It’s pointless wanting Rafa to open up as it isn’t his style, neither is 5 at the back with no attempt to win the game. I think there is a middle ground to be found. We don’t have such a poor squad that we have to resort to playing like that, there isn’t really an excuse to line up against anyone with no real plan to attack and win the game.

One thing is for sure, supporting Newcastle is becoming a bloody miserable experience once again. The second half of last season gave me hope that we could give everyone a game on our day and put up a respectable fight in the league. Right now though it is a thoroughly depressing watch and I don’t see a real end in sight. Football is a hobby, we watch it for enjoyment, and regardless of what side of the fence you find yourself on, I don’t think anyone could argue that what we watched today could be classed as a form of entertainment. For 80 minutes it was a torturous watch and I think Rafa owes the fans something better than the performance we saw today when we are the home team.

Author: Ghostfacekillah

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