Let’s get one thing crystal clear.

Rafa Benitez is one of the best, most experienced football managers in the world.

The man has done it all in the game, and is still doing it now.

There are not many clubs in the world who wouldn’t throw open their doors and welcome him as their manager.

And NUFC fans need to remember that Newcastle United are very, very lucky that he is here.

Without Rafa, the club would in all likelihood still be lounging in the Championship and there would be none of this talk about being taken over by big money.

That’s why I cannot believe some of the absolute knee-jerk garbage being spouted by some Newcastle United “fans” on social media.

Fans who apparently reckon they are qualified enough to tell a manager of Rafa’s status where he is going wrong and what he needs to do to put it right!

Fans whose only qualification seems to be an inability to actually think, before sharing their vast knowledge and expertise with anyone who will listen.

We’ve had to endure moaning of the highest order from these fans about short-term results, whilst they show little or no knowledge or appreciation of the difficulties involved in management or any grasp of the important fact that in financial terms, Rafa is operating with one hand tied behind his back.

There have even been some nutters calling for Rafa to go!

The intellectual input can be startling!

I even read one kid on social media saying “we should sign so and so – I had him in my team on my playstation and he was brilliant”.

I don’t know whether Rafa pays any attention to what these “fans” say on social media, I doubt if he does.

But one of the problems is that constant noisy posts on Twitter, Facebook, wherever, by people who have a bloated self-opinion about their own importance because they have some “followers” can give the impression that they speak for the majority of Mags.

They don’t.

First there was the “4-4-2” brigade. Well, we’ve tried 4-4-2 now, weakened the midfield accordingly (as some of us said all along would happen), lost our defensive shape and shipped seven goals in 2 games.

Happy now?

Then there’s the people screaming for Mitrovic as the great saviour. Do you honestly believe that Mitrovic would be left shuffling his feet if Rafa thought for one moment that he would improve the team? Personally, I’m happy to trust the manager’s judgement on this.

One lad on Twitter even sent a tweet to Joselu last night telling him he was…….well I can’t repeat it here but it wasn’t complimentary. Did he really think that would improve the lad’s confidence? Or is it more important to him that he feels better now because he’s let off steam personally at one of our players?

Don’t these “fans” know what the word “support” means?

It’s hilarious to hear some of these social media people screaming that “this is the worst team performance I’ve ever seen” or “[your player here] has to be the worst we’ve ever had”.

How long have you been watching the Toon? Five minutes?

Well kids, I’ve been watching them for 55 years – and let me tell you, these are good times at Newcastle United compared with some of the total garbage we have had to put up with all too often in the past.

Rafa Benitez is a brilliant manager and takes full responsibility for our performances.

It’s about time some fans thought more about emulating him by taking responsibility for their activity on social media and their pathetic booing at the game.

Yes of course everybody is entitled to their opinion. But there is a difference between thoughtful opinion and just hitting out because you’re angry/upset/drunk/somebody has nicked your prize leeks (delete as appropriate).

So maybe have a think about getting off your high horses, stopping the crap comments that do nothing but undermine confidence and getting behind Rafa and the lads.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below (We use Disqus).

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