Takeover fever about the potential sale of Newcastle United seems to be gripping not only Tyneside but the wider football community.

Sadly, it is also spawning the type of silly season amongst the media that is normally reserved for transfer windows.

I accept that newspapers, broadcast and TV media need to generate constant interest in their articles and programmes, primarily so they can demonstrate to the advertisers who pay them that their adverts are being seen.

But at the moment there seems to be a race to the bottom about who can generate the most ridiculous story in order to attract United fans.

Take the Amanda Staveley story. Since it became apparent that she may be interested in buying the club, either for her own interests or representing other financial interests, nothing much else has come out by way of fresh information. Her organisation has allegedly signed a non-disclosure agreement and is currently in due diligence – ie looking at the books.

The lack of anything further than that has meant that the media are basically having to rewrite the same story every day trying to give it a different angle. A journalist for one of the local north east publications was even found on Twitter recently bemoaning the fact that he only had five images of Staveley from the Liverpool match and it was difficult to keep recycling them.

There has also been a competition to sensationalise how much money Rafa Benitez will be handed in January to buy new players. It started at £150M, moving through £300M and in the Sunday press today has reached a majestic £500M.

All a total load of speculation and twaddle of course, as nobody has the faintest clue how much Rafa would be given, whoever buys the club – if anybody actually does.

And that might not be Amanda Staveley. There are other interested parties hovering around too who have not had the misfortune to be identified and named, thus avoiding involvement in the media frenzy.

There is a long way to go yet and no guarantee that any of the potential buyers will eventually bid. Remember, we’ve been here before with Mike Ashley. And he’s changed his mind more times than even the u-turn queen Theresa May!

The frenzy really hit the fan yesterday however when Garth Crooks (who?) decided that Benitez was set to win the Premier League with Newcastle United. That might well happen one day, but as someone who has been waiting to see such an event since the 1960s please forgive me being a tad cautious!

This nonsense has to stop.

The media really do need to take some responsibility here and not just keep providing click-bait and heartache for some of our more impressionable fans.

We really must just wait and see.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below (We use Disqus).

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  • Nick Moat

    Absolutely right. We have far too many journalists. That’s the problem. They have to write something. Give them a proper job down a mine!
    On the other hand, I do enjoy all the overblown sensationalist stories. Couldn’t do without them!

  • LeroyGibbs

    Think a lot of fans are crossing their fingers hoping Ashley does finally sell. But it does get a bit boring reading the same stuff over and again. Wouldn’t mind knowing who some of the other interested parties are? Hopefully not one of these skint yanks like the mackems got!

  • Dutch

    Couldn’t agree more everyday it’s repetative stories with no substance. FFS change the record.

  • simon

    i gather the 500m will include the purchase price not to have 500m for new players lol

  • LeroyGibbs
  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It’s definitely getting stupid with “The Chronic” being one of the main offenders.
    Lee Ryder makes Alan Oliver look like a Pulitzer Prize Winner in the scheme of things and you would have never thought that possible in the past !

    The idiots also ran yet another non article due to the fact Amanda Staveley was not at yesterdays game ffs.
    We might still get taken over was the gist of it, As though her not attending the game meant she had lost interest in the club.
    Nothing to do with the fact she is a business woman with loads of other plates being juggled with Newcastle United being one.
    She is probably busy with other things but she should be there if she wants to buy the club.

    It’s all very childish from messrs Ryder, Waugh, etc who must have sent for their Journalist credentials from the back of a packet of “Cornflakes” !
    It also comes off as though we are a bunch of desperado’s who got burned in the dating game and resorted to extreme methods a la “Bridget Jones.”