Big Money Needed

Let’s get one thing straight.

Just because Mike Ashley has announced that he wants to sell Newcastle United, doesn’t mean the club will be sold.

Anyone who’s been a United fan for more than 5 minutes knows that we’ve been here before. Since the first “For Sale” announcement in 2008 we’ve had mixed messages via the press.

Sometimes we have been told the owner was still seeking to sell, other times we’ve been told he didn’t want to go until he won some silverware. Does the Championship trophy count?

In the ten years that Mike Ashley has been owner this confusion has continued to reign.

Like most fans, I accept the latest announcement with caution. Mike Ashley’s money is tied up in Sports Direct shares. He has apparently pretty much accepted and admitted that, for this reason, he hasn’t got the spare cash to fuel the level of investment needed to fulfill the club’s potential – even if he wanted to.

For that we should thank him.

But the old phrase “be careful what you wish for” comes into play here too.

The media will now be full of rumours about who is supposed to be interested in buying the club and much of it will be speculation, pretty much the same as the stuff that goes on during the transfer window about who we are going to sign – and we all know how bad that is!

And it’s not just about money.

As Clive Lancaster commented on a previous UTD111 blog “let us hope that if someone buys the club they have a good understanding of what English football is, and what it is not ie soccer. That they take time to find out what football means to the city of Newcastle. What it means to be a Newcastle United supporter. What it means for us to be in the Premier League. The importance of our home St James Park. The importance of our colours. Our history. Our famous players and managers.

Spot on, Clive!

There are actually many potential owners out there who would be worse than Mike Ashley.

The daftest one I’ve heard so far is some of the wet behind the ears kids on social media wanting Vince McMahon!

For (probably) the majority of fans who don’t know who he is – he runs the sham gymnastics theatre in the USA that is currently called “wrestling”.

Big Daddy and Jackie Pallo in costumes and warpaint. Still, it keeps the impressionable kids entertained.

He’s being touted by the bairns as apparently it would lead to wrestling at St James’s Park! Give me strength!!

Look, Newcastle United need heavy investment from any potential new owner. McMahon at his peak was worth $1.1Bn. And since then his wealth has allegedly dropped. That’s just not enough in today’s game.

What would be the point of replacing one owner who can’t make the necessary investment with another one who has the same limitations?

If we’re going to make any tangible progress in the future we need big money.

The Dubai Royal Family – that sort of money. Anybody got their phone number?

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below (We use Disqus).

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