Newcastle United has been hailed as a sleeping giant in not so recent times even though our support and following still defy logic when set against achievements.

The Southern media seem to think that as fans we are nothing but deluded glory hunters without any history to proclaim it.

We can’t back anything up simply because we’ve produced no trophies since 1969.

Yet with Kevin Keegan’s “entertainers” we were inches away from claiming the Premier League title in 1995-96 from Manchester United – a club who were and are always up there.

I know that during the Keegan Era many of our hierarchy were allegedly milking the great times but i don’t care…. simply because the fans were happy, we were fighting for a Title and competing in the Champions League.

Some say that in those great times we were in debt but now we have an owner that has wiped that debt.

But the truth is we owe more debt to Ashley now than we’ve ever had but without having a top drawer side competing at the top end of the Premier League and not even thinking of the Champions League.

Ahead of this season we couldn’t even compete with Huddersfield and Brighton in the summer transfer window – the clubs that came up with us from the embarrassment of the Championship.

We have a top drawer manager with very little tools to work with all because of the cancer which is Ashley who has single handedly made us a club of broken biscuits.

He has said that we don’t have any advertising money coming in yet he covers our stadium with his jumble sale shop signs wherever he can fit them…. all for free.

We are now far from the sleeping giant that we once were.

I hold no hope for this season and feel it for the fans that still spew up a lot of hard earned money to serve our beloved club.

Will we ever see the Sleeping Giant awaken again?

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below (We use Disqus).

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