Welcome back to the UTD111 Blog after our much-deserved summer break!

First day back at pre-season training today for our manager and players, so it’s a good time to be firing up the old blog for a new campaign back in the £PL.

And, of course, a bit of a tough day for Rafa, who hasn’t been given any new players yet to introduce to his squad or the fans.

And, if he hasn’t already done so, he has to interview a number of players and tell them whether they are part of his plans for the coming season – or whether they need to find new clubs.

Some of the names and conversations are fairly obvious – Saivet, Riviere – What’s spanish for “oot!”

Murphy, Hanley – “thanks lads, good luck for the future”

However then there’s the likes of:

Tim Krul – given that Rafa is looking around for an experienced international keeper, maybe he already has one? Tim was allegedly back to full fitness towards the end of last season back in his native Netherlands on loan to A Z Alkmaar.

Seim De Jong – seems fit again and raring to prove himself? Apparently he had a good second half of the season also back in the Netherlands playing for PSV Eindhoven.

One thing is sure – Rafa will have made all of these decisions about players some time ago. And Some players who are wondering “should I stay or should I go” may well find that the choice has been made for them!

And if wor manager hasn’t had a chance to have a conversation with some of them before now, it should happen today.

And no doubt we will find out what’s happening as the stories drift out of the training ground.

Rafa will also know what positions he wants to fill in the squad before we take on the might of the £PL.

The transfer window is fraught with risk, as offers are made for players and they have to decide “should I stay or should I go?”

If you believe the speculation, United have already missed out on some first-choice transfer targets. A mix of players who decided to stay where they were or to go elsewhere.

There are, however, still five weeks-ish to go before we play our first £PL game against Tottenham.

Maybe, just maybe, Rafa will get the new players he needs in that period.

If he doesn’t, I could understand if he chose to walk away.

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