Those of us who have been around Newcastle United for any length of time know that with this club nothing is ever easy.

Nothing is ever straightforward.

It has always been thus. So why did we expect anything different this time?

The elation and general partying in the city and in NUFC supporters clubs across the world since gaining promotion on Monday night ceased abruptly this morning when news began to filter through that the club had been raided.

Officials from HM Revenue & Customs apparently entered St James Park and the Darsley Park Training Ground early this morning and removed various items including laptops and mobile phones.

Some news outlets also reported that Managing Director Lee Charnley had been arrested and his house had also been visited by HMRC officials.

HM Revenue & Customs issued a statement which read:

“HMRC has arrested several men working within the professional football industry for a suspected Income Tax and National Insurance fraud.”

“180 HMRC officers have been deployed across the UK and France today. Investigators have searched a number of premises in the North East and South East of England and arrested the men and also seized business records, financial records, computers and mobile phones.

“The French authorities are assisting the UK investigation, have made arrests and several locations have been searched in France. This criminal investigation sends a clear message that, whoever you are, if you commit tax fraud you can expect to face the consequences. As this is an ongoing investigation HMRC is unable to provide any further detail at this time.”

Once NUFC fans realised what was going on, there has been concern about whether these events will affect the football side of the club?

Circumstances such as these, if proven, have in the past led to points being deducted and/or a transfer ban being imposed.

Could this affect our promotion?

Even if we are still promoted, would we start life in the Premier League with points deducted?

What is Rafa going to think of all this? Will he walk?

Troubled times for Newcastle United and the long-suffering fans.

Just the latest saga in a long history of suffering, but at least we are used to it.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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