I went to Oxford on Saturday and wouldn’t be looking for a refund.

I never have and never will.

Probably cost me and the missus best part of £150 all in but there you go.

Did I feel short changed? Yes I did.

Not just in the team selection, but also in the manner some of our players went about it.

We had wide players who couldn’t cross a ball, either from open play or dead balls. Shocking lack of ability.

Even if they had managed to get a cross in, what was the point?

We had the most cumbersome, lazy and lethargic centre forward I remember us having in a long time. Yes, he can wave his arms around, beat his chest and gesture to the crowd, but so can a gorilla, which would probably have been more use to us on Saturday.

Mitrovic has his supporters, and for a while I was one of them. Only young etc.

But I’ve watched his progress, and the reality is, there is none.

We have a lad there with the physique to be a true English style centre forward, but he can’t, or won’t fecking jump!

He’s 22. If he can’t do it now, he never will. It was Oxford United and 1st division defenders. Not Serie A’s finest Italian defenders.

Simply not good enough.

People excuse the young lads thrown in, and rightly so, they aren’t ready or in some cases aren’t good enough. Sorry, but the young kid on the wing is never going to make it. (Mhanni?)

But putting Mitrovic in to the same bracket is taking the mickey.

Other than that, my biggest complaint would be the lack of any real intent to get back in to the game at 1-0.

To me, all it needed was 2 wide players with pace and direct running and we would have been in behind them. We got Gouffran!

Ritchie came on later but we were already drifting to defeat. The likes of Yedlin would have murdered them.

It got me to the point when I thought we should have a point in December when clubs either opt in or out of the 3rd round.

Save the embarrassment and save the heartache. If you aren’t going to give it your best shot, don’t bother at all.

I give it my best shot EVERY week as well as a large chunk of cash.

Fans may not deserve refunds, but they deserve to be shown some respect for the efforts they put in.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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