Jonjo Shelvey banned for 5 matches and fined £100,000.

Should keep the FA and the rest of the Championship happy now then.

A kick in the proverbials for us is what everyone has been wanting.

The FA can now afford to pay their “poppy fine” so a win win for all concerned.

Also an opportunity for the do gooders amongst our fans to have a go at Shelvey as well. The ones who were visibly gutted when his red card was overturned after slagging him off for being a tit etc.
So everyone’s happy.

Well, apart from me.

I’m majorly p’ed off about the whole thing.

Nothing to do with losing one of our better players. We have others who are good players and with a few minor adjustments, we continue upwards.

Rafa will already have worked out the plan.

What really gets me is that the whole thing is just a botched up accusation that’s taken 3 months to sort out.

Do I see Shelvey as an angel? No I don’t, but I certainly don’t see him as a racist. A misguided comment that was actually proven to be correct, though that’s not a justification.

If we are to believe what’s been said in the press, he suggests that their player did not understand English during a spat between them.

A comment that the player didn’t understand!!!!!!!!

You couldn’t make it up.

It took another team mate to explain to him and officials what had been said.

I can’t, and won’t condone what Shelvey did. It was stupid given the current stances against racism etc.

But I would like to know how many of these incidents go unreported as they are deemed trivial. The racism card is getting beyond a joke.

There is a line that should never be crossed, and in my opinion, Shelvey didn’t cross it.

To use a comment from our esteemed government, All people looking to seek employment in this country should have a decent grasp of the English language.

Either the government are racist or this lad fails to meet the criteria.

But then isn’t football governed by totally different rules and laws!

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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  • totaly agree whats said on the pitch should stay on the pitch how many times in a game are words exchanged among players its just a dig at nufc


    If an opposing player called Shelvey a ‘baldie b*stard’ & he decided to complain to the FA a few weeks later he would become a laughing stock & quite rightly told to grow up & get on with playing football.

  • MickG

    Personally I’m a bit fed up with all of this politically correct bollox – what is said or done on the pitch between grown men should stay there.

    If these PC bassas aren’t stopped soon, they’ll have us in sandshoes kicking beach balls around with a “no contact” rule.

  • StephenM

    So you’re all saying anything said on the pitch should stay on the pitch? So you can say to the player making a return after his wife was killed in a car crash “I HEAR YOUR MISSUS ISN’T IN THE STANDS TO DAY, BILLY?”. All those who moan about political correctness can’t wait for the Farage inspired day when we can all abuse whoever we want for being different from what we are and insult them cos they’re black; or gay; or got ginger hair – or no hair – or are women. Or voted leave. Bloody Neanderthals.

  • SirLes9

    As I said in the original post, there is a line which shouldn’t be crossed. Quite where that line is would be open to conjecture.
    That does not mean that EVERY comment should be acceptable, so while I agree with the sentiment that its a mans game and they should be allowed to have a go at eachother, certain things go beyond the decency levels.
    Did what they said to eachother go beyond those levels?
    As a previous comments says, it would be seen as laughable for Shelvey to complain about the insults allegedly aimed at him.
    Add a supposed racist element in to it, simply by mentioning his origin and its a totally different matter. Wrongly imo.
    Cricket, the supposed gentleman’s game. Sledging has always been part of the game. For want of a better description, a trading of insults. Do you think the country of a players origin never comes in to the debate in an Ashes game? .