The Ref In The Red Shirt

The Ref In The Red Shirt

I was lost for words last night.

Nottingham Forest’s pet referee Stephen Martin had clearly decided to dispense with any pretence of neutrality and had decided to take whatever action was necessary to enure Newcastle United were beaten.

A penalty disallowed, a perfectly good goal disallowed, two ridiculous red card dismissals totally unwarranted, took any attempt at balance or pleas of genuine refereeing mistakes way beyond what might be considered excusable.

This bloke made Trelford Mills look like a saint. (Younger fans please google).

I even suspect the booking of Karl Darlow was in preparation for a second yellow in case Darlow kept saving the referee’s penalties rendering Forest in danger of failing score against nine men and getting the win the referee had clearly decided would be the result.

The dodgy ref had an able accomplice in the Forest No10 – who should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute for his ridiculous sham acting and gamesmanship.

The little handbags roll around on the floor with Jonjo Shelvey was followed by a “roll over and over as if of latin origin and poleaxed” which sadly the linesman swallowed hook, line and sinker.

The way this cheat got Dummett sent off was even more disgraceful. I’ve watched it a few times now in slow motion, and the Forest cheat actually starts to fall over in the penalty area before Dummett has even reached him.

A total disgrace.

We’ve all learned this season how bad refereeing is at Championship level – generally very poor.

But this was the worst blatant exhibition of a referee deciding the outcome of a game I have seen in my many years of watching football.

Conspiracy theories abound on social media this morning and often sound crass, but on the evidence of last night, should not be lightly dismissed.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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