Taxpayers' Arena

Taxpayers’ Arena

“we bought your ground for you”
“we bought your ground for you!”

Some London-based journos have been writing about the plight of poor little West Ham, languishing at the wrong end of the Premier League and apparently about to sack their latest “messiah” Slaven Bilic.

The answer of the West Ham heirarchy, who appear to be slightly out of touch with reality, is apparently to seek to replace Bilic with United manager Rafa Benitez.

Have to admit this story coming out of London has to be a strong contender for joke of the year!

My immediate advice to our cuddly cockney chums would be “keep on blowing the bubbles, cos it aint gonna happen folks!”

Rafa is having a great time sorting out United, loves the club, the area, and has a special empathy with the fans – I know that special relationship with the fans is often claimed at clubs, but here in the Toon it is totally genuine.

I would doubt very much Rafa the Gaffa would want to swap all of that for uncertainty at a nomad club down south who don’t even own their own ground, but are currently renting the Taxpayers Arena in London, which of course we, as taxpayers, bought…..

Rafa clearly sees United as a long-term project and I just can’t see any logical reason why he would jump ship at this stage.

United are storming our one season long Geordie culture tour of the Championship, and on the current form of both teams it seems likely that when we achieve promotion we will see West Ham coming the other way!

Maybe if the move was potentially to a so-called “bigger club” (whatever that means) he might give it some thought.

But that is clearly not on offer here.

Jog On Hammers!

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