nufcfans270compA couple of lads were debating on Twitter last night as to whether the current upturn in attitude and feelgood factor will see Ashley consider extending the capacity at St James’ Park.

I know, we are a winning club in the Championship who’ve been on a high for 6 months. But it was actually a good point they made.

Personally I don’t see it happening as the return on such an investment takes time and Ashley is all about the quick buck.

However, if ever anyone needed proof of just how big this club can be, just look at how things are going right now off the field.

Over 50k every home game to watch rather average football against some poor/average teams.

A near 50k crowd for a midweek league cup tie. Unheard of ANYWHERE. Not just here.

Maybe in years gone by some clubs may have got good crowds for the later rounds, but never at this stage. See what the other “big” clubs throw up tonight and tomorrow.

Proof that a team and a club worth watching captures the imagination of the whole fanbase.

Get promoted and start competing again and the sky really is the limit for us. A capacity in the region of 60k would sell out most weeks. It also gives the option to reduce prices but generate the same income. After all, fans in the ground spend money, which ,makes profits in other ways.

Also, throw in the pending relegation for our local rivals. If they struggle to get back up, there will be thousands of kids in the border areas between the clubs who will look to support the best of the local sides. US. Should we be turning fans away?

To use the phrase one of the lads used last night, “If you build it, they will come”

All unlikely really and a bit of fantasy but certainly something that proves the interest in this club is certainly not on the slide. It’s healthier than its been in years and its killing other clubs fans having to admit it.

Well, unless your one of the so-called “best fans in the country” at Villa!!

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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