He's fast, he's french, he's never on the bench.....

He’s fast, he’s french, he’s never on the bench…..

Blimey, that was getting close!

Newcastle United fans were beginning to think we would be stuck with Le Sulk, as one by one none of the clubs listed by him as his “dream” – Arsenal, Real Madrid, Manchester United – came forward during the summer transfer window.

To be fair, there was no evidence whatsoever that any of his dream teams were in the least bit interested.

And who can blame them?

The best part of 52,000 geordie fans aren’t wrong. They cite the fact that this player regularly failed to put in a shift for the club and seemed to go missing when the going got tough.

The majority of United fans just wanted rid.

We were, however, somewhat amazed that the United heirarchy thought somebody somewhere would come up with £30M for him.

This was the hiked price after he put in a decent performance in a game and a half for France.

And they were right – somebody has come forward. In fact two clubs did yesterday.

But only one club could be “lucky” enough to eventually sign him.

And we now know that the “lucky” club is Tottenham Hotspur.

Before I say any more – can I just quickly and categorically say “no refunds are available” – he’s yours, don’t ever contact us again!

To be fair, Sissoko’s apparently bloated ego was the driver behind him wanting to go to a “big club”.

However, he’s had to settle for Tottenham, as none of the “big clubs” wanted him.

How he will settle at Tottenham is anyone’s guess after previously pledging his love for their local “big club” Arsenal.

In June, he said “Everyone knows, I often said it when I was young, Arsenal is the club of my heart, because there were quite a few French players there like Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Sylvain Wiltord, Patrick Vieira who was my idol…

“The beautiful Arsenal. We will see.”

However, none of this is our problem!

Cha-ching! 30 million smackers!

To be fair to Tottenham, they’ve bought themselves a player who has the incredible ability to run around the pitch, both up and down and also across it.

And of course, there’s also his uncanny knack of being able to shoot straight at goalkeepers or miss the target by miles. Not many other players can do that – consistently.

Good luck with that!

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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  • funlovingexpress

    Most fans thought we would get £30m.  Whenever he has played in the middle he has been quality.  Under a proper manager like Benitez he also looked quality.

    A lot of the problem with Sissoko is that for a large part of his time at the club he has had to work under buffoons.

    Most of the ones patting themselves on the back now thinking well rid, were the same ones that would have taken £10m.

    They will be the first ones to complain when he plays well week after week at spurs.  With cries of “why couldnt he do it here?”

    Im happy hes left but not because he is a bad player.  Under Benitez he would have been immense.  No Im happy because of the way he shouted to leave but wouldnt put in a transfer request.

    Benitez has bought some good players but lets face it, Colback should have been away long before Sissoko and Gini.  Unless ofc Benitez thinks he can get £30m for him too after a year being coached by him.

  • MS

    Why are you so happy that NUFC got £30million?  You’re not going to see any of it.  It won’t benefit you personally and the club’s owner certainly isn’t going to be spending it on the team, so why are you rejoicing at the figure?

  • Ricardo

    I’d love to say it will be funny when Sissoko under Poch runs rings around your team but sadly that’s not going to be possible now you are sinking into the lower divisions.

    As they said at the opening to the Champions League draw, ‘this year we have prestigious clubs like the famous Tottenham Hotspur.’

  • H

    Tottenham not a big club? And I suppose Newcastle are? Mmmmm. You’re not in the slightest bit bitter are you?

  • MS

    @H They are a big club.  Sure they’ve won…em…eh…can anyone help me out?  Anything in living memory that I’m forgetting?

  • LukeTaylor1

    we’ve got a player that bolsters our champions league squad, and Mike Ashley has got 30 million you’ll literally never see. Something tells me Poch might get a little bit more out of the guy than Steve Mclaren did. 

    see you in 3 or 4 years

  • Marcelimpo

    Typically bitter response from Totts fans. The only fans with a chip on both shoulders! Comes from years of living in the shadows.
    Nice they are telling us they are somehow “bigger” than us – whatever that means.
    All I can remind them of is that we’ve done the double over them for the last 3 seasons – oh, and 5-1 when we signed off last season!

  • MS

    Marcelimpo It means that Tottenham have won trophies and have a fanbase which spans further than its own community.

  • Sold as seen. 

    Suspect temperament and tendency to blow up. Poor service history but supplied with very low mileage. Occasionally goes well when abroad – but not suited to UK conditions.
    Perfect for deluded new owner with aspirations to perform above their station, but a record of failing or finishing below larger neighbour.

  • davytoon

    I am sure he will do well a couple of times a season. He will also run around a lot without really doing anything (like he did at the Euros) and blindly run into defenders or blast something over the bar from 20 yards.

    We are well rid because of all the above but mainly because the guy did not want to be here.
    He is not CL quality as Totts will find out but as an addition to a squad he will probably be ok.
    Happy with 30 mill for a player worth a fraction of that