fa cupI heard this morning that the FA are talking about scrapping FA Cup replays.

The reason given is that they want to cut down on the number of games teams play (poor lambs) and that in turn will benefit the England team.

Well they should include all national teams in that if it’s really the intention.

A few points on this.

Are FA Cup games, and replays in particular not the lifeblood of lower league clubs?

Do they not dream of a home draw against a premiership team then forcing a money spinning replay? stuff them though eh! Who cares about the “little clubs”? Obviously not the FA.

Our fixture programme is so congested at the higher levels because the “big clubs” play around a dozen European games a season which are “so important” because they bring in boatloads of money.

Yet one Champions league game would make the revenue a smaller club needs to survive for an entire season.

Obviously the structure of European competition has no bearing on the international team does it?

Also, what about the end/start of season tours to far flung corners of the world to make money……………sorry, I mean bring the team to new fans.

Adding an extra couple of weeks plus thousands of miles of travel to the season. Got to be good for the over worked players hasn’t it.

So how about this.

Take all the teams who qualify for European competition out of the following seasons FA Cup. Say 6 teams.

That opens up the avenue for 6 further lower/non league teams in the FA cups later rounds.

That gives them the opportunity to progress and make a few quid along the way whilst also allowing the rest of us the opportunity to win a tie at the second attempt.

Get the job done by drawing away from home then winning the replay on home soil. the way it has been “Historically” for years. Long before the money came along and clubs like Chelsea and Man City deleted their previous 100 year histories to become “big clubs”

Would that devalue the competition?

No it wouldn’t. Most of the big clubs have already seen to that themselves with their disrespect of a great competition.

Just leave it to those who actually care about it and go away and count your money.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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