nufcfans270compAway trips with Newcastle United can be very memorable occasions – for lots of different reasons!

So, what have been your favourite away trips in your time following the Toon?

Approximate dates will do.

Don’t include cup finals though as they are not really what I would see as away trips.

I’ll go with these five (in reverse order):

5th Sheff Wed in approx 1982:
My first real away game having only done derby games like the Makems and Boro.

First game of the season and just a belter day out. some 12 000 of our fans there and a real eye opener for away days to come.

4th Forest in approx 1984:
Gazza’s last game for the Toon if I remember correctly. Another great day, if not great result.

A red hot May afternoon spent sitting outside the pubs and generally just a carnival atmosphere.

Most memorable part of it though was when the final scores came through and a certain team down the road had just lost to Brighton, condemning them to the relegation playoffs and a place in the old 3rd division.

3rd Huddersfield Town 1984:
Promotion day with Keegan as a player, though he never played that day. We had a cracking day out in the town centre which was totally taken over by our fans.

Both end behind the goals and half the paddock stand as fans went to the expected promotion party.

In typical NUFC style though, we learned that Keegan wasn’t playing whilst still at Newcastle station. We went 2-0 down then fought back to 2-2 to get a point and guarantee promotion. Massive party in Huddersfield afterwards.

Our promotion rivals that season? 2 huge clubs (not) in Man City and Chelsea. Short memories eh.

2nd Rotherham 1984:
The game after Sir Bobby dropped Keegan from the England squad. Keegan responded in great fashion netting 4 times with Terry Mac getting the other.

For some reason, just a fantastic day out, despite Rotherham being a bit of a shithole generally. Those sorts of places always seem to offer up good away days.

Could have picked loads of others, like cup semi finals and other trips to Yoorup etc but my best one:

1st Inter Milan March 2003:
Couldn’t not pick this one. A flight in to Venice, and night there, then the train to Milan.

Cracking day out with some 12-15 thousand Toon fans.

A brilliant game, where we battered Inter on their home soil but due to some dodgy refereeing and blatant cheating we only cane away with a 2-2 draw courtesy of 2 Shearer goals. Nobby Solano coming within a crossbars width of winning it for us.

Just a truly memorable game and couple of days away. Sadly, something that doesn’t look like it’ll ever be bettered.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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