Having had the night to reflect on yesterdays defeat, it’s made me wonder whether we are hiding behind the refereeing decisions rather than looking at what we did wrong.

Now I’m not saying this is what happened, but maybe we were victims of ourselves more than the referee?

Firstly, that was the worst Makem performance from the off that I think I’ve witnessed since we hammered them at St James’ Park 5-1.

It is the worst collection of individuals and collective team that they have had in years, and they played in that manner as well.

Secondly, we had a massive possession advantage, a massive shots on/off target percentage in our favour as well.


Did we defend badly? – No we didn’t.

The first goal was a harsh penalty.

The second a fairly well taken corner though we should maybe have picked up their free man on the back post (difficult when down to 10 men)

The third is a typical break away goal against a team pushing for a way back in to a game which we deserved something from.

Our midfield gave us the platform by dominating possession, even when they were outnumbered and being kicked from pillar to post by their hatchet man with zero protection from the referee.

They gave our forwards the ball yet we failed to register when it really mattered.

We aren’t talking about failing to score against a great defence here.

We are talking about a defence as poor as ours and one that had lost its leader for a while as well.

Had we scored the goals our dominance deserved, refereeing errors, no matter how bad they were, would have had no bearing on the result.

Yes, we may well have been robbed, but maybe we left all the doors and windows open to help the robbers?

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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