fans300compAs each day, each week, each month and each excruciating year under the thumb of this owner passes by for the long-suffering Newcastle United fans, I find myself constantly asking the question “what on earth did we ever do to deserve this?”

Did a geordie strangle Mike Ashley’s budgie when he was a child?

Did a geordie do something terrible to him in his past and this is the payback?

How on earth did we end up in this mess? A massive club being run like a market stall, starved of resources and having the life slowly sucked out of it.

An ownership who think its OK to publicly announce that they have no football targets or ambition – no interest in competing for cups or a place in European competition.

Yet another transfer window has now passed. And whilst other clubs in the Premier League, with much smaller gates and income than ours, have gone out and bought players to strengthen their squads, what has happened on Tyneside?


Actually, its worse than nothing. Not only did the United heirarchy not strengthen an already threadbare squad, they actually pushed out our first-choice left back on loan. And he’s unlikely to return.

But that’s OK, because we were told by Llambias that the “five year plan for the Champions League” – now entering its eighth year by the way – was to bring in young players and develop them as the players who would get us to Europe.

And we get further away from Europe qualification as each year passes.

I’m still waiting for someone to explain how sending five of those “young” players to Glasgow Rangers in Scotland is part of that plan and actually helps us in any way?

Former Ashley mouthpiece Alan Pardew used to tell us that Newcastle United just couldn’t compete with the clubs at the top end of the Premier League.

The only problem there is that we know that isn’t true.

We’ve competed at the top before, played in the Champions League and almost won the premier League.

Of course, that was when the club was actually run as a genuine football club with a sprinkling of that magic word “ambition”.

Fans who lived through the Keegan/Hall times will never accept the way this club is being “run” now, or being told that we cannot compete with the likes of Southampton and Tottenham.

We know we can compete with the best, we’ve done it before and with men of vision in charge, we could do it again.

We also know, sadly, that it is just not going to happen under this owner.

What did we ever do to deserve the shambles of a football club being presided over by this current lot?

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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