smokescreen300compIsn’t it amazing how the smokescreen of the need for a new manager has blinded so many people?

All we read about now is Hoddle this, Carver that and Galtier Le other.

But the bigger, far more damning issues are still here and people need to keep their eyes open to them.

This may be yet another very convenient January sideshow for Ashley. Everyone scurrying around trying to identify a new manager instead of trying to identify new players.

Lets not forget that in August we were all screaming out for a new striker and a new centre half.

That was when we had just signed Riviere and didn’t even know what a complete and utter parcel he was going to be.

That was when we had signed the international man of mystery that was Facundo Ferreyra, another striker on the books.

That was before we relied solely on a half fit Cisse to score the bulk of our goals before leaving for the ACON.

That was when we had 3 fit centre halves in Taylor, Williamson and Coloccinni plus Dummett as back up.

So this January, we have lost Cisse for a month, Ferreyra for good (I Know) and Taylor for the rest of the season.

We are sitting on 27 points and a similar run to last year would see us fail to reach the 40 point mark.

We have nobody to score goals for at least a month.

We have 2 recognised centre halves of whom neither are really playing that well to put it mildly.

That isn’t just a cause for concern. It’s a cause for blind panic in my opinion.

Surely we need to focus the majority of our time and effort on ensuring that the players are brought in that we so desperately need.

The same players that we were desperate for in the summer prior to Taylor’s long term injury and Riviere’s failure to even find his arse with both hands.

Dare I even suggest that the only thing occupying the heads of the powers that be more than a new manager and new players may well be player sales?

I won’t even go there for fear of giving myself a massive bout of New Year depression.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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