Come Back Soon Tim

Krul Return Badly Needed

Goals change games.

Unfortunately at Old Trafford Manchester, penalties are rarely awarded against the home side – no matter how blatant and clear-cut they are.

Newcastle United have a tricky enough time picking up points at this particular venue due to an owner who won’t invest and a manager who, with little quality in depth at his disposal, tends to take an over-cautious approach.

And an early penalty which should have been given to United but wasn’t certainly contributed to the overall result of this game.

United were cruising in the first 20 minutes and looking to dominate the red devils. All was looking at least evenly balanced.

Unfortunately the referee Jones bottled it when he should have awarded a penalty.

Yoan Gouffran was steaming towards goal in the penalty area when he was clearly tripped by Mata.

What made matters worse was that it happened right in front of a referee, who decided not to stand up to the home crowd pressure and waived appeals away.

Goals do indeed change games, and you could sense the wind being visibly taken out of United’s sails after that particular injustice.

It was never the same game afterwards.

Memories of Yohan Cabaye and Cheick Tiote bossing Manchester’s midfield last season were long gone as both players were missing, one injured, the other long since cashed in on by the owner.

Jones did award us a penalty late in the game. However, by then it was 3-0 to the home side with United well beaten – so that was a much easier decision to make. He almost looked guilty, but not quite.

The problems remain for United however.

A shaky defence badly in need of recruitments, a 3rd choice keeper who is showing signs of improvement – but we badly need Tim Krul back behind the sticks. And a lightweight attack which just isn’t scoring sufficient goals to win games.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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  • porciestreet;

    Is there not an FA assessor in the stand and is he not responsible for marking of the ref’s performance…..? No ref ever seems to be held accountable for their howlers, yet anyone within the game who sees fit to condemn them is heavily sensured, why is this..?
    It seems that fergie’s ghost still haunts the ref’s room at Manure so we won’t be getting any change there for a while yet. Sadly.
    however, bouyed by the shite being stuffed at home, 6 out of 6 in the next two should be acheivable so we look forward to the New Year and Leicester in the cup. Time will tell eh..! Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  • Gos

    no matter how much we expect this to happen it stills sucks, despair is the only emotion this team evokes for me :(

  • porciestreet;

    Being a Newcastle fan is the curse you are born with I’m very sad to say. It’s in your DNA, It’s our way of life, it’s the sport of our working masses and as such, there will always be enough fans to fill the stadium even if all season ticket holders gave them up. We are our own worst enemies and I don’t think anyone will dispute my comments. If they do, they are not from the North East or not from this planet.
    Anywhere else in the country, fans are known to switch brands when their team goes down the pan. Newcastle fans do not have that luxury. We are a one horse town. Thats it and we’re stuck with it.
    I live in Cyprus now yet never miss a game as our pub has more set-top boxes than”Curry’s”.(and the beer’s ok) so i’m glad to be away from the depressing Monday morning dread of facing the Unwashed or whoever we get stuffed off.
    Oh My Cashley, why don’t you just ***k **f and we can get back to being the Toon again.. Oh my heavy heart……………….!

  • phildene

    I think the soul was ripped out of our club by Ashley a long time ago and it still hurts. We were season ticket holders and had been for many years (Hubby 62+ yrs that’s got to be a record!) but had had enough. There was absolutely no pleasure in going to watch boring dross every home game, plus the atmosphere was awful! dead is the word which comes to mind.

    Neither Ashley nor Pardew give a damn about the place-Ashley wants the free advertising and Pardew’s grateful for the job-simples!

    Our club will never be the same as long as there’s bums on seats and MA & P stay.