AGM "Top Table"

AGM “Top Table”

Glasgow Rangers held their Annual General Meeting on Monday, and if you’ve been following events up there you don’t need me to telly you that “stormy event” is a bit of an understatement.

A number of things are becoming clear.

Those people who have been saying that Mike Ashley will take over Rangers and ignore his earlier agreement with the Scottish FA could well be proven right. To an outsider, it looks like the takeover has already happened to all intents and purposes.

And from a United fans’ perspective there were (at least!) two very interesting statements made at Rangers’ AGM.

Former Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias, who has been installed as Rangers Chief Executive said: “We need financial stability off the pitch and great football on it. We want to get Rangers back into the top flight and the Champions League. That is our aim and hopefully next year I will give a much better speech.”

As we know, UEFA rules dictate that two clubs owned by the same owner cannot play in the same European Competition. So obviously this statement rules out United playing in Europe again as long as Ashley continues to own our club. I include the UEFA Europa League in that statement because drop-outs from the Champions League group stage revert to that competition.

If there are still any happy clappers out there who say Ashley has football ambitions for United over and above staying in the English Premier League to keep the TV money rolling in – please read the above again until it sinks in!

Also, speaking outside the AGM, former Rangers chairman Malcolm Murray said: “That was the most arrogant display I have ever seen in third of a century of attending AGMs.”

“There was complete disregard for shareholders and fans. They say they will operate without fans. We actually ended up knowing less than when we started, which takes a bit of doing.”

Anything in Mr Murray’s statement ring a bell with United fans?

I’m sure they could operate Newcastle United without the fans too.

They probably cannot believe that 50,000 geordies continue to turn up for home games and give their hard earned money in return for no ambition, no hope and average results peppered with downright embarrassing ones.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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