The League Cup

The League Cup

OK, we’ve become accustomed to routine wins at Tottenham Hotspur recently, to the point that many of us now refer to their ground as “Three Points Lane”.

However, tomorrow’s game in the quarter finals of the League Cup is a different kettle of fish altogether.

There are a number of factors at play.

Firstly, we know from what NUFC Directors have announced at the so-called “fans forum” meetings, that for whatever reason cups are not seen as a priority by the Club’s current ownership.

Naturally, most fans don’t agree with this philosophy but since when did our opinions count in the scheme of things?

Secondly, in comparison with the team which recorded our latest routine win at “Three Points Lane” on 26th October, United have key players unavailable.

We are particularly down to the bones in the goalkeeping department where first choice keeper Tim Krul and understudy Rob Elliot are both injured. Rookie Jak Alnwick is our current keeper but has very little first team experience – unless you count his time on loan at Gateshead!

Thirdly, even if manager Alan Pardew takes the Spurs game seriously, he might not fully “go for it”.

There are two reasons I can think of why we might see a weakened team play at Tottenham.

As mentioned above, the owner apparently does not see cups as a priority in comparison with Premier League position.

And there is also the small matter of a massive derby game coming along on Sunday when Sunderland visit the Cathedral on the Hill still full of it after their recent successes against us!

Will Pardew risk further injuries to key players at Tottenham with that important fixture up next?

One thing is certain. After the unexpected 4-1 drubbing at Arsenal last weekend, Pardew is under immense pressure to get results in these next two fixtures.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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  • Harry

    Routine win? You lot make me laugh. Beat Chelsea and now you’re gonna win the league… I know yhe North East isn’t exactly a hotbed of intellectual prowess, but you boys do need to get an education. There is a possibility you will beat Spurs again at WHL agreed, but do you honestly believe you outplayed or dominated the game? Spurs are going through a transitional period at the moment and trust me, have a lot more to shout about that you Geordies. The academy at Spurs makes yours look like a joke, to be fair though, it makes most premier league sides academies look a joke by comparison.

    Spurs are a young team, full of quality that will get better and better as it matures. Newcastle however, have nothing coming through the academy to shout about, a chairman who hates you and fans that are the butt of the joke most weeks.

    One day you will see it and hopefully, you will all kill yourselves x

  • gallowgatepete

    Sorry to be the one to point this out to such an intellectual colossus as you claim to be – but your lot have been saying this stuff for years!
    You’ve been the EPL’s “nearly team” for as long as I can remember – apart from when you nearly went down pre-Redknapp.
    Nice try though LOL!

  • Big Mal

    Gallowgatepete, if Tottenham are a nearly team then where does that leave dear old Newcastle? I seem to remember a trophy 45 years ago in Europe, but I think that’s it. I may be wrong but I can’t be bothered to look it up. Why was the drubbing at Arsenal unexpected btw? And why is Pardew under ‘immense pressure’? He has Newcastle punching way above their weight and in the QF of a cup. This is building up to a fantastic season for Newcastle with a top 10 finish looking likely and Mike Ashley is over the moon. Pardew is under no pressure whatsoever.

  • gallowgatepete

    Hello Mal
    If you’re talking trophies then I think you’ll find our record of winning things isn’t far behind Tottenham’s – unless you’re suggesting that winning things in more recent times somehow counts more?
    We’ve also featured in the Champions League more than you have and of course our crowds dwarf yours.
    I know – you’re finally getting round to building a bigger ground – we did that in the 1990s of course…….
    I know the London media keep calling you a “big club” – but they would, wouldn’t they!
    Let’s face it – the facts don’t really support that assertion, do they?
    I’ve just realised, by the way, when you nearly went down pre-redknapp – that still made you a nearly team LOL!
    Keep dreaming mate!

  • Harry

    Nearly went down… I’d rather nearly go down than actually go down which I believe you did not so long ago… We are one of a handful of teams NEVER to be relegated from the Premier League, you are not. As for stadia, your ugly disproportionate stand that allows you to fit in an extra 10,000 barcode-shirted morons is an eyesore. St. James’ is a relic. White Hart Lane is also, granted, but within 4 years, Spurs will be playing in front of larger crowds than you could ever dream of and pulling in far more revenue than you.

    No one supports Newcastle outside of Newcastle. Spurs however, have fanclubs globally. I actually think Newcastle are a big club in their own right but when you start having a pop at a traditionally and currently, bigger club, the gloves come off.

    There is not one player in your squad worth north of £20m and you will finish mid-table as always and once again the “Pardew out brigade” will pipe up as you embark on another fruitless season in 2015.

  • UTD111

    Gpete – looks like you’ve ruffled a few feathers!
    I wouldn’t worry about it. It never ceases to amaze me that when we have games against Tottingham we get these bitter and twisted comments from their “fans”.
    They are unique in that respect, I’ll give them that! Must be difficult constantly living in the shadow of a big club like Arsenal. It certainly makes some of them sound like they have a chip on both shoulders!
    Personally, I get a real chuckle out of reading their stuff!! Our ground isn’t really big because its an “eyesore”, we didn’t really win at 3 points lane the last couple of times because we didn’t “dominate”, Spurs will be playing in front of big crowds in 4 yrs time – so the fact we’ve been doing that for 17 years doesn’t count LOL etc etc etc
    Blimey! talk about bitter and twisted!!

  • Big Mal

    Gallowgatepete I guess at Newcastle you would rather go down than nearly go down. When did we actually ‘nearly go down’ pre Redknapp btw? He took over when we were bottom and we ended 8th. Is being near the bottom at the start of the season ‘nearly going down’. You may want to re-read my comments. All I said was that if Tottenham are a ‘nearly’ club where does that leave your little club? Utd111 believes you are ruffling some feathers. This could not be further from the truth. Football has moved on and, although Newcastle may give teams a bloody nose every so often, they simply are not a threat and certainly won’t be while the Tottenham fan owns the club. FYI, Tottenham fans laugh at Newcastle because of this nonsense about their fans believing they are a big club (the only people that do believe that obviously). You have every right to do the same with us. I am not suggesting that winning things recently counts for more, it’s just that very few living people can actually remember Newcastle winning anything. Without being patronising, I have always liked Newcastle as a team as they always play ‘the right way’.

  • gallowgatepete

    Empty seats all over 3 points lane for a QF cup game.
    Says it all.
    60,000??? Can’t even get 37,000 to turn up.

  • Tony

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: not ruffling feathers

  • Tony

    Gallowgate pete you sure have a short memory when it comes to empty seats. If that’s your best comeback no wonder yor team and city is so shit. I would love it just love it :wink:

  • Ben-Dover

    Well that was a close match wasn’t it?! 3 points lane? Don’t make me laugh! Geordies bottled it lane more like!!

  • Ben-Dover

    And gallowgatepete – why would we all come out to watch your crap eh??? 4-0!! At least give us a game!!

  • Harry

    Result says it all. No need for abusive messages or ridiculing. The bigger and better team won. Better luck next year pal.

  • Gallowgatepete

    Lap it up while you can – we had a makeshift defence & 3rd choice keeper out so don’t get too carried away!
    I thought your fans were brilliant at sitting quietly in neat rows pretending they weren’t there.
    There was more noise from the empty seats LOL!
    “Big club”? My arse!

  • Officer crabtree

    This article was spot on!
    Everything you predicted “came to pass”
    And the juvenile comments from the cockneys are hilarious!
    How anyone living in a shithole like london can call our city beggars belief!!

  • Harry

    Bitter comments. Such a sad little club. For the record, I live in a very well sought-after area of Essex in a 500k house and wouldn’t live in North London if you paid me. Working in London is enough thanks. Stark contrast to your dreary surroundings I’d imagine. Regardless, not about money or possessions, it is about football and my team destroyed yours comfortably and are in the semi finals of a major domestic competition. Remind me again, who are you playing next in Europe?

  • UTD111

    Dreary? LOL! that is so rich from someone who lives in Essex FFS!
    “not about money or possessions” eh? so why did YOU choose to mention them?
    I assume this is when you lot aren’t rioting on the telly? (yes, we saw you)
    FYI by the way – I could probably tell you about my country pile, landrovers and yacht in the bay……money goes a lot further even in England’s most beautiful county of Northumberland than it does in “Essex”- but I won’t ofcourse, because you’d just go a shade of green LOL!
    Let us know if ever you catch us up on crowds and Champions League. We do care about you smaller London clubs trying to catch up, we really do. Especially if you are still under the illusion that the League Cup is a “major domestic competition” – but, I suppose for you it probably is.
    Good luck against Sheffield United.

  • Harry

    The comment above about living in London…