pardew350Why does Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew get so much stick?

Yes, like all managers he has his faults and certainly for the head butt he should have been sacked. But is it fair to have a go at him for the footballing side?

When he took over we were in free fall and really starting to struggle with a playing method which was little more than Barton hoofing it to Carroll who would hopefully score or allow Nolan to score from the second ball.

Yes we had some great wins, especially against Villa, Sunderland and at Arsenal, but dear me it was bloody awful football.

From the day that Pardew took over to the present day our transfer dealings have given us a profit of something like £40m.

When he took over we were a mid-table side at best, now ordinarily if you take £40m-ish out of a mid-table side you would expect to see a Championship side as that would ordinarily be the outcome.

But that’s not the case with us and Pardew.

On the contrary we may not be as street wise as Hughton’s team and be able to bombard and savage teams when the chance arose, but we are for me a better side to watch and a better side full-stop.

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People criticise Pardew for tactic’s. why? With a “relatively fit squad” he can and does use different tactics to get the desired result.

now I do accept that some of what I am now going to say is in the past but it is still relevant, well to me it is.

Coming 5th, yes yawn yawn so long ago, Swansea, we went down there and sat back, let them have the ball but don’t waste energy chasing them until they get into the final 3rd then be on them like a rash and hit them on the break, great tactics.

West Brom, another away day, counter attacking side so we refused to play, they were forced to come out and we murdered them.

Man U at home- Pardew believed there was a weakness in the air in their defence, so he played both Shola and Ba to exploit this. Again great tactics and management, the inverted comma’s were due to what happens without a fit squad.

Put simply, we crumble due to Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley point blank refusing to have any depth to the squad.

Its always a starting 11 will be all you get so make the most of it.

So the following season with the injuries and as a result the performances which drained the confidence we were terrible.

But it was forced, with back-up like Sammi, Shola, Perch etc you cannot play an expansive passing game but Pardew gets hammered for the hampered sides he puts out rather than be remembered for the sides he puts out when he has some ability to chose from.

“Pardewed”, meaning not being able to fulfill their potential due to bad coaching and tactics which hamper players. This has got to be the most inaccurate term that I have ever came across in my entire life.

Cabaye was a good player when he joined us, but he was a damn site better when he left, as was Debuchy who was dreadful initially until “Pardewed” aided him to become worthy of the Arsenal.

Ba had the best time of his career under Pardew, Mike Williamson is doing better than what anyone could have dreamed of under Pardew ( still not good mind, but better than what he was ) and where is Danny Simpson, high profile under Pardew but does he still play?

Mind, his career has suffered due to not having Pardew as his manager but not as much as Danny Guthrie’s. Well he was a very good player for us, but what has he done since the Pardew shackles were taken off, as with Simpson his career has nose-dived.

Yes I admit that I expected better from Papiss Demba Cisse and Yanga-Mbiwa. They have suffered under Pardew, but is that down to Pardew or to them not being as good as we thought?

Dennis Bergkamp was great in Holland and then went to Italy. He was dreadful. Arsenal were buying a flop, hard to believe that Dennis Bergkamp could be a flop but he was, just as Sebastian Veron was at Manchester United.

At times certain players just don’t suit certain leagues or certain club’s/managers. But a high profile player failing does not equate to a poor manager, as Alex Ferguson and Sebastian Veron will testify to.

If Pardew is a poor coach and does hold players back, then surely that would be easy too prove?

Lets have a look at who has left us and gone on to really show how good they were and what we have missed out on under Pardew’s time as our manager. And I mean us and not West Ham, Southampton, Charlton or Reading as they were his breeding ground, and the truth is I don’t care what happened there.

All I am interested in is Newcastle United and what Pardew does for us.

So for him we are the real deal. We are the big one for him. He has learnt his trade and is now probably at his peak (which is not high, but not as low as some make out).

I’ll start off with Fraser Forster, yes he was second fiddle to Tim Krul, to me still is but he has left and done very well, so there is a start so who is next on the list??

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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