I Can't See France From Here

I Can’t See France From Here

Incredulous as the story may seem, and lets face it this one is incredulous, there is news today that Newcastle United may well be back in for Loic Remy!

The Newcastle Evening Chronicle via Chronicle Live are running the story today that United are back in for Remy and hope to persuade him to return to St James’ Park.

The main reason given is his lack of involvement in the World Cup, which may have “dented his ambitions of landing Champions League football”. He was never going to achieve that particular aim at Tottenham in any event, of course!

Getting back to the incredulous bit – we are told that Remy has been unable to agree personal terms with either Arsenal or Tottenham, but that the Magpies are ready to meet both Queens Park Rangers’ asking price and Remy’s personal terms.

Is that the same Newcastle United who shop in the bargain basement these days and like to fork out buttons for cheap players?

Is that the same Newcastle United ownership who have publicly declared at the so-called “Fans’ Forum” meetings that they are not interested in cups or Europe?

The best bit of the story however is the statement that the United heirarchy’s biggest concern at the moment is that Remy might prefer to live in the capital!

Why would anyone voluntarily want to live in that dump?

Can’t see this one floating dear Chron writers, but I’d be happy if you were right and would be prepared to forgive Remy for pulling out of our last game at Liverpool last season in case he was injured and missed the World Cup.

Does being a squad member or warming the bench count as missing the World Cup?

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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