United_logocompFor the last 30+ years I have lived and breathed Newcastle United.

I have enjoyed every high and despaired at every low and christ knows there have been a few of those.

Every defeat since my early teens has hurt.

I have spent many a week thoroughly miserable because of a Saturday or Sunday loss, the feeling you all know like a fist has grabbed your insides and squeezed.

This morning I feel nothing.

For the past few years football in general has changed and I must admit to feeling no empathy or connection to these young millionaires who care nothing for me or my club.

The Sky generation has sucked the enjoyment out of the game I love.

It started with England. I fell out of love with watching internationals with the emergence of Gerrard, Terry, Owen etc. Now it has happened with my beloved Newcastle United.

The reality is that the players, owner, management don’t give a stuff about NUFC, it’s history and tradition, or it’s fans.

It’s all about the money for every one of them.

They don’t give a toss. The sad thing is I’m getting to the point where neither do I.

I switched off after 20 minutes last night and went out for a walk with my missus and the dog.

Didn’t even look at the result until bed time. Shrugged my my shoulders and went to sleep.

This morning it doesn’t hurt.

Apathy has won my friends.

What do you think? As ever, comments, opinions and views welcome below.

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