Have we had enough of this lot?

Have we had enough of this lot?

OK let’s just be honest here.

Alan Pardew doesn’t seem to have what it takes. Mike Ashley doesn’t give what even Pardew needs and on the evidence of the last few games, the players are as bored and uninspired as we all are.

Our coaching seems to be below average, our use of youth appalling and our facilities degraded with each passing day.

We are less than a shadow of what we could be as a club and there seems to be no end in sight for the humiliation that our current regime is piling on us. I’m sick of seeing the word circus being used to describe the club we support, I’m fed up of the laughing and even the sympathy.

This club, the supporters and the city of Newcastle deserve better than the lies and false promises given to us. We deserve better than the mistreatment dished out on a daily basis and we deserve more ambition from an establishment that represents so many.

Is the owner out to destroy our club? To destroy it’s traditions and the culture surrounding it?

Give up your season ticket? Give up your seat? give up your voice! He doesn’t care. He’ll win the day St James’ park is empty. He doesn’t need the money and gets more value from the free advertising than he would from selling us pies.

Is his goal is to destroy the spirit, the very essence of NUFC and all it means to us, what it has been and what it could be?

However there is one thing that the current owner of Newcastle United has no idea about, no understanding of. And that is the nature of the people he is so casually abusing.

It may take a while and it may take some doing but one day we will sing with one voice and one goal. We will sing en masse and we will make our presence felt.

We, as a people, are never quick to mobilize, we as a people are never quick to strike but when we do we show that we have the stamina and the strength of character to make a difference.

I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how thick skinned you are, I don’t care how “hard” you are. When 52000 people take up your name and chant against you it hurts. If those 52000 chant against you week in and week out you feel it.

The only question is how long will it be before the Toon Army rise?

How long before the chanting starts?

How long before we make a stand?

We can’t hurt him by staying away, his pockets are full already but we’ve shown that his ego can be hurt. We’ve shown that he can’t stand the heat of a small, quickly organized, march against him.

Support MAOC, Support the NUST, support the team.

But while the owner is showing his face at the ground – as he has started to do again recently – why not show your disgust at him? Peacefully, legally but vociferously.

He already seems intent on taking our club down maybe it’s time we started to take his alleged overinflated ego in the same direction.

What do you think? As ever, comments, opinions and views welcome below.

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  • Gos

    love it 8)

  • gossie_leg_end

    can’t wait until we “make our presence felt”

  • Boydie

    Great piece of writing btw….
    I’d love nothing better than for Ashley to be at a game and being screamed at from start to finish with the sharp Geordie tongue. My biggest concern is the fact that he won’t back away unless the money pit stops filling up and a full stadium of fans along with merchandise sales won’t budge him.Yes he makes most of his money from his free advertising and TV money but i do believe than an empty ground and a boycott of merchandise would make him think why should i bother.Plus the fact that the football world seeing how disliked he is in the place where he’s meant to be loved.the press would interview fans who boycott the stadium and also getting the message out there that he really isn’t wanted and that he’s destroying our club.

  • SirLes9

    Firstly, don’t take this as a dig at fans who don’t go to games anyway, it isn’t.

    But I find that a lot of the people who say “don’t go” etc are the ones who for whatever reasons had already stopped going.
    Thats a very easy statement to make.
    True, some of those fans have already done what they are asking us to do and packed in going because of the direction the club is being taken in.
    However, some packed in years ago or never went in the first place and chose to watch from the comfort of the pub or their home.
    That doesn’t make them any less of a fan than me, but it certainly makes it easier to tell us to stop attending.
    I have been a season ticket holder for over 25 years and started going to games some 15 years earlier.
    So to try and stop something I have done for around 40 years in a complete non starter.
    That is where the owner has us over a barrel.
    Give up something you have loved for 40 years to get at someone you have loathed for 5.
    Its like ditching your wife after your golden wedding anniversary because her mother has suddenly become an old bitch.
    You love your wife, and her mother will pass away soon anyway restoring your happiness.
    In the mean time, just give as good as you get and slag her mother off.
    That is the way forward with Ashley.
    Slaughter him, week in and week out.
    Let the press see the hatred.
    Organise protests that can’t be ignored.
    No matter how thick skinned the individual is, they can only take so much.
    He has started returning to games again after his lay off when we sold Cabaye.
    He thinks its all rosy again, but its not.
    Lets start all over again and give it to him in a big way, starting this weekend.

  • Gos

    liking that sirles it reflects what I was thinking exactly, well said 8)

  • Okay I’m cocdninev. Let’s put it to action.