We really are a bizarre club – fact!

I”ve been doing some reading about Ashley as I wasn’t around for the early part of his “reign” here.

If I’ve picked it up correctly we have an owner who bought us on a whim or with an idea of making a quick getaway and profit. Didn’t even look at the books fully.

Then things went tits up and he wanted out, but no one would buy – twice – so we are stuck with him and he is stuck with us. We really don’t like each other so neither is happy.

Then we have a manager who Ash initially liked so was given a stonking contract….but now he doesn’t like him any more, but is allegedly too tight to pay the severance fee.

We don’t like him much either.

Not sure what Pardew thinks of us, but then I’m not sure what he thinks of anything, really. I tend to nod off when he starts to speak.

We have a “Director of Football” we definitely don’t like and Pardew (we assume) doesn’t like, either…but Ash does, so tough!

This makes us not like Ash even more.

In amongst all this we have some players – who seem to range from liking us because no-one else would have them, to tolerating us until a better offer comes in – as long as we don’t expect them to show any guts or spirit.

Do we like them? Overall I’d say no, not really.

We have the occasional bouts of affection for individuals, but these rarely last more than a couple of weeks before we decide they are a waste of space again.

Oh, and we have the local media – who Ash CERTAINLY doesn’t like cos he thinks they are too mean to him! We didn’t like them because we thought they were too nice to him!

We might like them now – jury’s still out on that one.

Have I missed anything?

…you know, I think I’m starting to get the hang of supporting Newcastle United…!!

What do you think? As ever, comments, opinions and views welcome below.

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