ManchesterCityUnited enter the Etihad Stadium this evening to take on moneybags Manchester City in our opening fixture of the 2013/2014 English Premier League Season.

These days, of course, the media describe Manchester City as a “bigger club” than us – whatever that means. All I know is they get smaller crowds than us, and every time they’re on the telly, there are empty seats on view!

Anyway, as we know the game is all about money these days and the owners of “Citeh” have it by the bucketful and spend it like confetti. Jealous? Moi? Of course I am! I would love it, just love it if we had that sort of backing – maybe one day.

Good luck to them, they managed to get the owners they have. We didn’t deserve to get the owner we have.

Of course having all that lovely wonga to spend (did you see what I did there?) means Man City can go out and buy the best players in the world – which is exactly what they do.

In contrast, our owner just does not like opening his piggy bank, and we feed off the bottom of the tank, begging and borrowing players from Championship clubs like Queens Park Rangers for example.

City have spent £90M on new players to add to the impressive array of talent they already had. The new signings include Jesus Navas, Fernandinho, Alvaro Negredo and Stevan Jovetic – who are all expected to make their debuts.

United have borrowed a player from QPR and signed a bairn for the future.

For the third best supported team in the Premier League that is a disgrace.

In practical terms though, what it means is that on paper our team is nowhere near the quality of Man City’s. Last season, this fixture was won by City 4-0 at a canter, and there is no reason I can think of why that won’t happen again – or worse.

Does that mean I will stop loving Newcastle United? No. Does it mean any of us will throw a strop? No.

We’ve had the current owner long enough to know what is going on and where the blame lies. All we can do is play the waiting game and hope that one day he will move on and sell our beloved club to someone who gives a toss.

Alan Pardew is doing his best to talk up our chances. He’s being slated by some fans for doing that. But isn’t it his job? What do they want him to say? That we’re going to Man City and will get a hiding?

Pards said: “If you look at all of the top teams since I’ve been here, we’ve beaten them all – apart from Man City, So maybe I’m due.”

“We haven’t played well at their stadium at the Etihad – there’s no doubt about that, We have played well in patches there, but you have to put it together for 90 minutes to get a result against them. They are one of those teams, and with the quality they’ve got after spending £90m, they can unlock you when you are just thinking you’re doing well. It’s how you react to that.”

“It’s important that we have a really good psychology,through long periods of the game they might dominate, but we must always carry a threat. If we can do that, we have a chance.”

Well, Pards, all I can say is if we do manage to carry a threat, it will be the first time for quite a while!

New City Manager Pellegrini had this to say:

“It’s my first time here in England, and it’s a different league. More difficult or less difficult? we will see during the year, but for me issa exactly the same. I worked for nine years in Europe, and I saw a lot of matches in the Premier League every weekend. I played in the Champions League against English Premier League teams so I know a lot about this. And living here now, of course, I see more.”

And Finally…..

No matter which way I look at this game, I can’t see us coming away with anything, although as Aston Villa proved at Arsenal, anything is possible. Prediction 4-0, if we’re lucky!

What do you think? As ever, comments, opinions and views welcome below.

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